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PatagoniaRelaxing Last Days

On 21 January 2008 from Santiago, Chile , trackback

The last days of my trip my travel pace has slowed down considerably, starting with a visit to the thermal pools near Pucón on Thursday evening. The warm waters made sure I had a really good night’s sleep. Friday evening I had an overnight bus to Viña del Mar, but instead of making it a busy activity-filled day in Pucón I slept out and wandered around the town and on the beach a bit on Friday.

When I arrived in Viña del Mar on Saturday I visited a small museum with one of the moais from Easter Island outside. Afterwards I took the bus to Valparaíso and explored the city. Because most of the city is on a hill, small cablecars have been built to get up and down, and I made frequent use of those. In the evening I just relaxed in the really nice B&B in Viña del Mar.

At noon on Sunday I took my last Chilean long-distance bus to Santiago. Because almost every museum was closed on Sunday afternoon, the walking tour I did was pretty short. Luckily the smog also was not very heavy because there was not much traffic. But it was still very noticable from the viewpoints at Santa Lucia and San Christobal.

This pretty much ends my travel blog for my Patagonia trip. I am off to the airport now for my flight back home. Upon popular request and keeping with my tradition I will let you know when the photos are online 😉



1. RvdM - 21 January 2008


Ik heb genoten van je reisverslag, moest mezelf ook maar weer eens buiten Buenos Aires gaan begeven…..

BTW Heb je Bill nog gezien/gesproken?


Je oude collega

2. Guido - 26 January 2008

Ik heb Bill inderdaad nog gezien en gesproken. Nog sterker: ik heb nieuwjaar samen met hem (en een hele rits andere mensen) gevierd.