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NorwayOslo: Departure from Norway

On 8 July 2002 from Reuver, Netherlands , trackback

On 6 July I had a filling breakfast at the hostel and I took the tram to the city centre. There I took a look at the exposition “the Earth from the Sky” before taking the ferry to Bygdøy. There I went to the Folkmuseum for a few hours; wandering around between the old houses, taking part in a tour and trying some old Norwegian food. Afterwards I checked out a few old vikingships in the Vikingshipmuseum and took the ferry back to the city centre. There I walked through the shopping crowds for a while before taking a guided tour of the Akershus Castle. After the tour I took the T-bane to the end of the line at Frognerseteren. I still had to walk a bit to reach the TV-twoer, but unfortunately the elevator was broken, so I could not get a view from there. Therefore I went back to the city centre and got some dinner. The sky was pretty clear and it was sunny; perfect weather for a last visit to the Vigeland Park. There I asked a guy to make a photo of me and ended up becoming a model for some of his photos. I also met Henning and Corinna; Norway is a small country after all. Finally I took the tram back to the hostel for my last night in Norway.

My last day in Norway only consisted of a nice breakfast at the hostel, after which I took tram to the train station and the FlyToget to the airport. SAS brought me to Amsterdam safely, where my parents picked me up.



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