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NorwayNorway in a Nutshell: Bergen

On 4 July 2002 from Bergen, Norway , trackback

3 July started completely cloudy and rainy, pretty common weather for Bergen I guess. After making breakfast at the hostel, I walked through the fish market to Bryggen, the old Hanseatic houses on the waterfront. I took a guided tour of Bryggens Museum, Schøtstuene and the Hanseatic Museum. It was really good to take this tour, because at least I knew what I was seeing. After the tour I visited the Rosenkrantz Tower. Then it stopped raining, and I went by bus and cable car up to the top of Mount Ulrike. Unfortunately it was still very cloudy, so there was no view of the city. Nevertheless I decided to hike to the top of the Fløibanen. The first part of the route was a real hiking trail over the top of the mountain range around Bergen. It felt like Tolkien’s “Middle Earth”, only the tops were visible because the rest of the mountains was covered in clouds. Every few hundred metres the trail was marked with a block of piled up stones. It was really cool to hike. The last part was downhill on normal roads, and at that time the sun had come through, so there was also a good view of Bergen and the fjord. But altogether I hiked for 4,5 hours, including a 30 minute unvoluntary detour. I went down with the Fløibanen and made dinner at the hostel, before going to sleep. At that time there was no single cloud in the sky.



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