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NorwayLofoten trip: Trondheim to Svolvær

On 10 May 2002 from Svolvær, Norway , trackback

On 8 May we took the train from Trondheim on Wednesday evening, and as usual I was completely overpacked. My new cool backpack of the university in Trondheim (NTNU) turned out to be a little bit smaller than expected, so I had to bring my Eastpak as well. Luckily my sleeping bag was really easy to attach to and detach from my new backpack, so that was quite convenient. We could sleep pretty well in the train, and arrived in Bodø¸ in the morning.

Thursday we walked a bit around town, but everything was closed for Ascension Day. So we decided to climb up a hill to have a nice view of the city. So we had a lunch with a view 🙂 Then we took the Hurtigruten coastal steamer to Svolvær on Lofoten. The Hurtigruten goes all the way from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north of Norway, all the way along the coast with great views. It is the most scenic coastal trip in the world. In Svolvær we checked into a nice beach house to sleep.



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