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NorwayLofoten trip: Stamsund to Trondheim

On 14 May 2002 from Trondheim, Norway , trackback

On Sunday 12 May we drove back to Svolvær along the coast, stopping to watch the great views along the way. We also made a stop at another small beach with white sand. The sun was shining, so we put off our shoes and got into the water with our feet to make photos. But the water was COLD! I estimate less than 5 degrees. But the photos should be really cool, it will be hard to believe I took them north of the Arctic Circle in the beginning of May… I took about 36 photos on the entire trip, which is quite a lot for so few days. We returned the car back in Svolvær, and got on the express boat back to Bodø. Again really great coastal scenery. In Bodø we checked into a hostel in the train station, and played another game.

On Monday morning we did some shopping in Bodø, and got on the train back to Trondheim. I slept a little bit, but mainly kept watching the view. Cristal clear lakes, snow topped mountains, waterfalls, cabins, forests, the scenery was really awesome. I always thought Canada was the most beautiful country, but after this trip I am sure that Norway is the most beautiful country, at least when you love the combination of forest on hills next to cristal clear lakes 🙂



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