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NorwayCabintrip Sula

On 24 June 2002 from Trondheim, Norway , trackback

This was not really a cabintrip, but a Midsummer outing with some colleagues to a cabin/house on the island of Sula. On Friday 21 June we took the express catamaran to Sula, 4 hours from Trondheim. There were 5 guys (including me) from our department and 3 divers (friends of the organiser). Sula consists of a few large connected islands (a few sq km in total) in the Norwegian Sea / Arctic Ocean, surrounded by lots of small islands. We stayed in a house of SINTEF. On Friday night we had some dinner and some drinks afterwards.

On Saturday after breakfast we (three colleagues and I) went out with a small motorboat to fish. It was the first time I was fishing in the sea, and I could use an advanced fishing rod of a colleague. Not that it helped, cause I did not catch anything the first hour, but when I cought something (I was the last one to catch something), it was the largest fish so far (about 1,5 kg). At the end we went to a shallow spot with lots of fish, everyone was catching a lot of fish. It was really fun, I would threw the bait into the water, and got it out with a fish. I think I cought 3 fish within a minute 🙂 Then we went back to the house to prepare the fish. The guys who had been diving also came back. They caught some scallops (shellfish) and crabs from the bottom of the sea. Opening the shells of the scallops was a lot of work. We cooked the crabs and one of the guys thought me how to open them and get the meat out, which is really tasty. So I did that for some time, cause they caught some 5 crabs (and crabs have 8 legs that are edible). At the end of the evening we had a great dinner of all this seafood, and some drinks afterwards.

On Sunday 23 June I climbed up to the lighthouse on the island, and walked around a bit more. Then we cleaned the house and took the express catamaran back to Trondheim. The view was really good, sunny with lots of islands the boat sailed in between.



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