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On 27 May 2002 from Trondheim, Norway , trackback

My second cabintrip on 25 and 26 May was with Martijn and Christoph. We drove for 4 hours all along the fjord, really nice, so we only started to hike to the cabin at 17.00. We spent two hours climbing through a riverbed, jumping from rock to rock, really cool, but we only got about 4 kilometres further. Then we climbed onto a hill, and from there it was only downwards to the lake. We had to cross a river with a canoe (part of the equipment of the cabin), but it was completely full of water, so we had to get the water out first. After crossing the river we walked all along the lake, because we did not know where the cabin was, and we could not find it, so we walked back to where we arrived with the canoe and finally found the hut at 23.00. But it was still complete daylight until 24.00, so that was not a problem. We made sausages above the fire and marshmellows afterwards, they taste so good! On Sunday we slept late and hiked back to the car, but a different route that only took 3,5 hours. Then it was still 2 hours by car (with amazing views) and on the ferry back to Trondheim.



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