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On 10 June 2002 from Trondheim, Norway , trackback

On the morning of 8 June we left with 7 people by bike to the cabin. The weather was sunny and warm, so first we biked along the fjord before going uphill and inland. In the hills we stopped and hiked to a gorgeous waterfall, where we stayed for 1,5 hours to have lunch and relax. It was also the reason it took us 5,5 hours to get to the cabin. The cabin was on a lake and we went swimming to one of the island. The water was really great, just warm enough to swim, and really clear. Also the view was great, just hills and forest, nobody else to see. In the evening we made dinner on the campfire, with marshmellows afterwards of course. At night it was really hot and there were lots of mosquitos, so I (and everybody else) slept pretty bad.

On Sunday I went for a short wake-up swim before breakfast and we spend the rest of the day rowing, swimming and sunbathing. So I was really sunburned at the end of the day. At the end of the afternoon we biked back home, really nice, because it went along a number of lakes and mainly downhill.



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