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NepalRelaxing & Rafting

On 19 October 2005 from Sauraha, Nepal , trackback

After the Annapurna Sanctuary trek I spent the remaining day in Pokhara relaxing a bit. In the morning three of us took a short boat ride on the lake, and we walked up to the World Peace Pagode, from where the view of the lake and the mountains was absolutely stunning. The rest of the day I walked around Lakeside, doing some shopping and checking my e-mails.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went for an overnight rafting trip on the Seti river. I would say that the rafting was even more relaxing than the day in Pokhara, as as the rapids in the river were – unfortunately – only class II or III at most, and were few and far between. But it was all made up by the excellent crew, who made great breakfast, lunch and dinner on the river shore. After a short bus ride out of the mountains and into the plains we arrived at Sauraha, close to the Royal Chitwan National Park.



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