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On 25 October 2005 from Reuver, Netherlands , trackback

Monday was the last day in Kathmandu, and since we had our flight in the evening, it was almost a full day to spend in the city. So after packing my bags, I roamed the backstreets of Kathmandu, with my Lonely Planet in one hand and my camera in the other. Even though it was in Kathmandu and people there are used to tourists, in some of these places I felt like I was the attraction. During travelling, that’s a good thing. I walked all the way to Durban Square, where I watched the activity from a high temple. Afterwards I did some last-minute shopping (got a nice soft-shell fleece jacket).

In the evening the entire group (things had been pretty individual in Kathmandu) went back to the airport, where we checked in. Unfortunately the airline would not label our bags all the way to Amsterdam, so when we got to Heathrow half an hour too late, we had to pick up our bags, go through customs and check in a different terminal. I guess it will come to no surprise when I say that we were too late for our flight. Luckily we got seats on the next bmi flight to Amsterdam, only 2 hours later. From Schiphol to my home town I took the train, and the Dutch railways decided to make my journey even longer by not having trains between Amsterdam and Utrecht. So I had to go through Amersfoort, and missed my connection in Roermond. After 28 hours of travelling I finally arrived home, exhausted from the trip, but full of new impressions and experiences.



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