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NepalArrival in Kathmandu

On 5 October 2005 from Kathmandu, Nepal , trackback

Opposed to my previous post, I didn’t check out Abu Dhabi after all. It was about 40 degrees outside, so even breathing was hard. Therefore the afternoon was spent sleeping, but after the dinner buffet Peter and I walked into the city for a while and we checked out the river. Expensive cars all over the place, a real contrast with Kathmandu, from where I’m typing this post.

The flight from Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu was good. We got a $150 voucher to use as a discount on Gulf Air flights, as a compensation for overbooking the flight to Kathmandu. However, this is fairly worthless compensation, as it only benefits us if we fly with Gulf Air again within the year. Except for the fact that I’m not planning a trip to a Gulf Air destination within the year, I’m also not very eager to fly with them again.

In Kathmandu we were picked up from the airport after a while, and brought to the hotel through all these narrow bustling streets. Definitely Asia: everywhere different smells, lots of people, lots of noises, temples smoking with incense sticks, and shops everywhere. The weather is about 25 degrees, but cloudy. The hotel is one of the highest in the city (7 floors), and thus the view from the rooftop terrace is great.



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