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Down UnderWebsite philosophy

On 14 November 2003 from Reuver, The Netherlands , trackback

This website has been designed with speed and maintainability in mind. Speed means that the pages should be small enough to load reasonably fast on computers with a slow internet connection. For this purpose the graphics were kept to a minimum and the design is clean and sober. Maintainability implies that I should be able to update this website from any computer with an internet connection, without installing any software. This is important because I am relying on internetcafé to update my site during my trip. The easier the better.

To achieve this, I installed and configured two software packages:

Also, I have tried to make this site as much standards complaint as possible, making extensive use of CSS for the site layout (especially for the Experiences). However, this could mean that this site does not display very well on old browsers. In that case, upgrade your browser! Anyone still using Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4 or less should be banned from the internet anyway, because they are blocking internet progress. This site has been tested with Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla 1.4, and works fine in these browsers. Some feedback is always welcome though, that is what the comments are for 😉



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