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On 8 December 2003 from Koh Phangan, Thailand , trackback

I do not quite know how to tell you this, but basically I have been doing nothing at all for the last 5 days. Unless you count sleeping late, laying on the beach, swimming in the sea, and eating delicious foods as activities. Because in that case I have been really busy 🙂

Koh Phangan is really an island to relax. Bet and I went to some of the other beaches, only to be assured that we are staying at the nicest one (Hat Yao). It also offers the best snorkelling this time of the year, so I finally put my three snorkel diving diplomas of my childhood to good use.

I am currently in Hat Rin, the not-so-nice-to-swim-but-great-to-party beach, and today there is a full moon party: the largest beach party in the world! Usually around 10.000 party people come to the full moon party, so it should be lots of fun. The plan is to stay until after sunset, and then catch a few hours of sleep before taking the ferry at noon and the connecting train to Bangkok at night.



1. Wiel Claessen - 8 December 2003

Schitterend om dit te mogen meemaken wat een belevenis.

Welnu wij hebben afgelopen vrijdag met z’n vieren St. Nicolaas gevierd.

Tot horens.