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Down UnderReasons for a long trip

On 18 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands , trackback

Now that I have graduated everybody seems to ask me if I am already applying for a job. And they seem surprised when I tell them I am not. For me it is the perfect time to make a long trip. At the moment I don’t have any ties to the Netherlands, except family and friends. I am not studying anymore, not working yet, do not have housing (goodbye student room) or a relationship. I do not think I will be more free of obligations and responsibilities at any other time in my life.

As soon as I start working I also need a place to live, need to decorate it, need lots of household goods and appliances, and all these things make it harder and harder to go abroad to travel, especially for more than a few months. Aside from that, now I am still used to living low-budget (being a student for more than 6 years makes one creative) and I think that might also change in the future due to a higher standard of living. So now is the time.



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