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Down UnderMelbourne, the Neverending Story

On 14 January 2004 from Melbourne, VIC , trackback

The last three days in Melbourne mainly consisted of looking for work in the morning, and exploring the city in the afternoon. On Monday I met up Jacqueline, a Swiss girl whom I met on New Year’s Eve in Hobart. She is studying here, but has not visited a lot of places in the city, so we’re kinda exploring the sights together. Federation Square and NewQuay on Monday, the Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, and the Melbourne Museum today.

Other than that there is not that much else to write about. Melbourne is a great city, and I would like to stay here for some weeks. But to realise that really need to find some work here as well, otherwise I might be better of reducing expenses by staying on the countryside. Time to browse through the classifieds in the newspaper.



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