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Down UnderMagnetic Island Birthday

On 22 September 2004 from Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, QLD , trackback

On Monday I set off with Jeremiah (Canadian/American) and Rachel (English) towards Mission Beach. Over there we made a few short walks through the rainforest, trying to spot Cassowaries (slightly similar to Emus), but we were not able to spot one.

On my birthday on Tuesday morning I made a short walk on the beach of Mission Beach, before we set off to Townsville. On the way we drove into Lumholtz National Park, where we admired Wallaman Falls, the longest single drop waterfall in Australia (286m). In Townsville I bought myself a prescription mask for a bargain A$115 (= 66 euro). This is something essential for diving (and snorkelling) because I cannot really see without one (“where is the boat?”). So far I always borrowed one from the dive school, but the smaller operators just do not have them, so I had to get one for myself. At the dive shop I also found out that the Yongala dive would be cancelled for Wednesday because of high winds. So we decided to spend a day on Magnetic Island instead. After a nice Italian dinner in Townsville we took the ferry to the island and booked the Yongala trip for Friday, since it was booked out on Thursday. That effectively gave us two nights on Maggie, and offered a good excuse to get completely wasted in the Island Bar (according to English tradition).

Wednesday I spent pretty much all day recovering from my hangover and relaxing at the hostel near the beach on Magnetic Island. The East Coast really has much more of a holiday feel to it than other parts of Australia, mainly because of all the islands and beaches.



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