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Down UnderLots of Western Australia Photos

On 17 August 2004 from Darwin, NT , trackback

I spent the last 4 days in Darwin getting organised, cleaning my car and sorting out my photos. Adina and Peter were really nice to let me stay at their house, a little bit (20km) out of town, but overlooking a lagoon with lots of wildlife. Somehow it seems all the Australians I know have a 5-acre block. I tried using their computer to sort out my photos, and spent about a full day trying to get it to work, but in the end had to resort to an internet cafe. I will save you the details, just never buy a computer with only recovery CDs to repair Windows.

I made about 300 photos in the last 6 weeks (I know, I am not making as much photos anymore as I used to), and I put the best ones online. You can find them in the Western Australia album starting from the end of page 2.

On Saturday I went into town to put up notices looking for travel mates, and I got a few responses (not as much as I hoped for though). I met up with an English guy today and it seemed we have fairly similar ideas of travelling to Alice Springs, so I hope that works out.

I spent all Sunday and Monday morning cleaning out my car, since it was an absolute mess. I had not cleaned it since I left Mandurah, about 2 months ago, and everything was covered in red dust. So I cleaned it outside and inside, and did the same for all the camping gear, sorting that out at the same time. Monday afternoon I took the car for a service, and bolted the bull-bar back on in the evening. In Katherine I noticed that it was only fixed to the car with 2 bolts on one side, so I put a tent peg in as a temporary measure, but fixed it properly on Monday. I also noticed I lost a license plate, so I applied for new ones today. It must have come off on this rough gravel road in the Kimberley, and the bull-bar probably lost a few bolts there as well (the others during towing).

Besides all this, I went to the Darwin city centre almost every day to check out the sights (not many), shop (I got the last book of ‘Lord of the Rings’), sort out my photos (almost for free since I helped them trying to get their computer fixed), and meet friends (the Australian who towed me and Lieke).



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