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Down UnderGrampians

On 22 January 2004 from Halls Gap, VIC , trackback

Yesterday was a fairly busy day here in the Grampians. I did my laundry in the morning, and afterwards Theresa and I went for a triathlon: hiking for 4 hours, biking for 1 hour and swimming for 15 minutes (the lake was not very nice). In the evening we cooked some pasta and I finished the ice-cream (great stuff, it is already soft right out of the freezer!).

I am staying at Tim’s Place, a really nice and cosy hostel. I like the smaller hostels better, because of the more homely feeling; it is easier to get to know people here. Today was a day to relax, with a brunch and a short (1,5 hours) hike in the Grampians. Tomorrow I will be heading back to Melbourne to be there for Australia Day on Monday.



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