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Down UnderGoing Down Under

On 19 September 2003 from Eindhoven, The Netherlands , trackback

As soon as I made the decision to go on a longer trip after graduation, it became the question where to go. I have already been to most European countries, and to Canada and the U.S.A. Africa is not my cup of tea. Asia and South-America are perfect continents for low-budget travel, but have very limited possibilities to work. I have saved some money with student jobs during my studies, but not enough to travel for a whole year, which is my goal. That leaves Australia, since Antarctica is just not an option for a (long) trip, although I would love to see it. Australia is perfect for my purposes: large and varied enough to travel around for a year, and it is relatively easy to work to replenish my funds. For Dutch citizens it is possible to obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Australia, which allows holders to stay in Australia for one year and to work for a maximum of three months at one employer. Perfect for a year of travelling and working.

Another great thing about Australia is the fact that New Zealand is relatively close by (only 1500 km of ocean in between). And since I heard that New Zealand is the Norway of the Southern Hemisphere, I have been wanting to go there. The “Lord of the Rings” movies have only increased that desire. Because of its distance from Europe, most airlines require a stopover in Asia, which would be great for a few weeks of travelling as well. My plan is getting more and more concrete.



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