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Down UnderBuddhas Everywhere

On 12 December 2003 from Bangkok, Thailand , trackback

Yesterday we went to Bangkok by bus, since we would have to wait 1,5 hours for the train otherwise. At the bus terminal we avoided the taxis and took a bus (0,10 euro) to Banglampu, where we planned to stay. Most places were already full at 6 PM, but we managed to find a nice and clean place.

I must admit I was a bit worried about travelling to Bangkok at first, because “the noise is deafening, the pollution asphyxiating and the heat stifling” [Lonely Planet]. Aside from the sheer size and traffic jams, I find the city quite manageable. Bangkok has pretty much everything a traveller needs in large numbers: accommodation, food, internet, cheap clothes etc. And the city is interesting: there is always something going on, 24 hours a day.

Today we visited Wat Pho (a large temple complex) and the Grand Palace. Both places had a large number of fully decorated buildings and some temples. I think I have seen enough Buddhas by now, no matter how gold coated they are. I also saw one of the largests Buddhas today: 46 metre long.



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