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On 18 April 2004 from Mandurah, WA , trackback

Wednesday evening is the traditional 12.01 (our hostel) going out night. This Wednesday we were picked up by a bus from Black Betty’s and started to drink our bar tab (the free beers we got from the bar) there. However, we also had a bar tab at Mustang bar, so one by one some of us sneaked out and got to Mustang to finish the bar tab there. After all, an unfinished bar tab is obviously a waste of beer, and (almost) every backpacker considers that a shame. After finishing the bar tab at Mustang, we went back to Black Betty’s and partied till late. I remember walking home with Shelley and Mike, sitting down on the couch in our hostel and going to bed a bit later. However, Thursday afternoon (I slept through the morning) I managed to reconstruct the full story. Apparently I had falled asleep on the couch, people tried or did not try to wake me up (not sure), and I had still been there at about 5 AM. Too much free beer, I guess. I spent the rest of the day socialising, shopping, and watching Average Joe 2 (the reverse of “The Bachelor”, where a model has to choose between guys, just hilarious).

On Friday morning I had a meeting with the wife of a professor in Hong Kong I know. She is setting up a company south of Perth, and needed some help with her computer and website, as well as creating videos. Since sales, telemarketing and fruitpicking seemed to be the only backpacker work available around Perth, I figured it would be good to save some money doing fun computer stuff and decided to move to Mandurah.
In the afternoon Doug, Jo and I went on an information tour along some of the Swan Valley wineries, to check out the interest in the product and to taste some wine. The evening was once again about beer though, as we went to various bars with a group of people from the hostel, making the last night in 12.01 rather short.

On Saturday morning I took a shuttle bus to the international terminal, from where Jo picked me up to go to Dawesville, just south of Mandurah, and about 2 hours from the city centre of Perth. They built a large house here where I will be staying for a while (depends on the things to do). I have my own room and separate bathroom, so that is quite a step up from living in hostels. I have spent the weekend settling in, reading quite a bit, and helping Jo with some computer problems.



1. Shelley - 26 April 2004

Wassup? How is life in the retirement community? Ha ha! Judith and I are sitting in good ol’ traveler’s club checking up on you. She say’s hello.