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CanadaMarch: -20 to 5 °C

On 1 April 2001 from Winnipeg, Canada , trackback

I guess this will be the least interesting part of the story, since I mainly have to study the rest of March, since these are the last 4 weeks of the term and all the assigments are due in this period.

On Friday March 9th there was a party in 8trax, downtown, where one section of the Communications course had sold tickets for. Almost every exchange student was there, so it was a lot of fun.

On Saturday March 10th there was a basketball game between the University of Manitoba and the Brandon University team in Brandon. Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba with about 40,000 people and is located 2 hours West of Winnipeg. That means 2 hours on a straight highway with snowy fields on both sides of the road as far as you can look, it’s almost unbelievable how flat Manitoba is. Anyway, I went there in a bus with about 40 Canadians. Don’t forget the alcohol was the most important advice for this trip, since most of us were already pissed when we got to Brandon. Unfortunately the U of M team lost the game, but it was still a very funny trip. We went to Wise Guys afterwards, but after half an hour the fire alarm went off and everybody had to get out; that really destroyed the atmosphere.

March was pretty much devoted to studying and my Internet Addiction. I did go to the St. Vital mall on Friday March 16th. It was the first time I noticed that all the malls in Canada have exactly the same stores. I saw these really cool Caterpillar sandals (too f**king expensive, $136) at exactly the same place in the store as the store in Calgary. I also noticed a drive-thru ATM for the first time.

On Wednesday March 21st we had a group presentation for our Communications class. It was in the Club Regent casino, Winnipeg’s largest casino. They had this aquarium with a tunnel through it, a 3 story waterfall and a pirate ship with a talking skeleton. Oh well, I heard it’s even more extreme in Las Vegas. But above all, there were all these slotmachines and gambling tables with old people spending their time and their kids’ inheritance. Our presentation went really good, and the whole thing was pretty well organised, we got dinner and even $5 to gamble, which I, of course, lost in 5 seconds at the Black Jack table.

On Monday March 26th we had another presentation, for Consumer Behaviour. This one went really good as well, we had made a really funny video of different exchange students explaining their culture (for example a Russian with vodka, a Mexican with tequila and a Dutch guy with a joint).

So what else happened in March? Well, on Thursday the 29th there was a BBQ with everybody from 2nd Speechly (my floor). Somehow people in northern countries still seem to like BBQ-ing at low temperatures. So far I’ve BBQ’d in temperatures under 5 degrees in Russia, Finland and Canada now. At least the food is good (hey, maybe that’s the reason…).

Janine (one of the Winnipeg exchange students in Eindhoven) had invited us a couple of times to come over to her parents’ house for dinner and something typical Canadian. So we finally took her up on that on Friday the 30th. Janine’s entire nuclear (it’s not as dangerous as it sounds, just look up the word) family was there, together with Scott’s (Janine’s brother) girlfriend, Mart and I. First we had a great dinner and then we curling, somewhere north of the city. Curling is this typical Canadian sport, somewhere in between bowling and jeu de boule, and it’s a lot harder than it looks on TV, most of my rocks either went too fast or too slow. Basically, the goal is to get as many of your teams’ rocks as close to the center of the house as possible, but I’m not going to explain all the rules here. It was a lot of fun for sure.

Less fun was the fact that my notebook died Friday morning, I don’t know what happened, but it suddenly died and I couldn’t get it back on. Still in the process of getting warranty and service over here…

Just when I thought the snow was melting and the weather was going to be better, it snowed 20 cm on Saturday the 31st. But this snow didn’t last long and melted completely within 4 days, the weather is getting better.

I’m not exactly sure how I ended March. I do know that there was a social on Saturday the 31st and that I had some vodka-orange juice and tequila before the social, and some more vodka at the social. But my memories are a bit blurry, too pissed, I guess. ‘nough said.



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