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CanadaApril: -8 to 27 °C

On 22 April 2001 from Vancouver, Canada , trackback

The last 3 weeks in Winnipeg and still so much to see and to do. I still hadn’t been to a hockey game, so on Wednesday April 4th we (Reds, Rodrigo, Eli, Charles, Pablo and I)decided to go to a Moose game in the Winnipeg Arena. The Manitoba Moose won with 3-1 from the Cyclone (Cincinnati), and it was quite interesting to see. Hockey games are really commercial, they play for 3 times 20 minutes with 15 minute breaks in between and commercials on every whistle. But it was a lot of fun to go there, and experience one of Canada’s most cultural events.

The term is definitely getting to an end, I have now finished 4 of my 5 courses and I have 10 days for two assignments and an exam of my last course, International Marketing. But I’ve also done a lot of sightseeing last weekend, that’s for sure.

Friday April 6 had the best weather so far, sunny with 12 degrees, enough to walk outside in a sweater. After my last class I took a bus downtown, checked out the Provincial Legislative Building and walked down Broadway to The Forks. There I saw that the water levels of the river were indeed pretty high, people are fearing a flood this year. Then I walked to Portage and Main and did some shopping. In the evening there was an Hawaiian Party at The Gallery. They had placed a hot tub outside (downtown Winnipeg), so Sylvain and I enjoyed the water of 45 degrees, while people on the street were walking by, quite a lot of fun. And the party was a lot better when we got back inside, completely relaxed.

On Saturday April 7 Karen (who studied in Eindhoven in 1999) picked me up and we went to see Winnipeg and area. First we drove to Fort Whyte, a nature reservation area just outside the city, with a lot of geese and a herd of buffalos/bisons, Manitoba’s provincial animal. Then we drove north and passed by Lower Fort Garry, the first fort of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the area. Unfortunately it was closed. Further north we drove through an area with summer cottages, next to Lake Winnipeg, which was completely covered with ice. Karen said the area is really nice and relaxed in the summer, but even now it gave a good impression of Winnipeg summer culture. The most north we got was Gimli, a fisherman’s town at the lake. A lot of people from Iceland immigrated here, so there were icelandic signs in the shop and a lot of icelandic art in the Gimli Art Gallery. We had a drink with some icelandic cake in the (really) local diner, before we headed back. On the way back we crossed the dam at the end of the Red River Floodway and made a stop at the World’s Largest Catfish in Selkirk. Back in Winnipeg the Ralph Lauren factory outlet was already closed, I do have to go there another time. So we went back to have supper at residence, where I showed Karen around (can you believe that, having studied in Winnipeg for more than 5 years and hadn’t even been to residence).

In the evening of Sunday April 8, there was a Farewell Dinner at Buccanino’s, a new italian restaurant on Osborne. Nicole had organized it really well, the food was good and there were some presents that were given away. Almost everybody was there and making a lot of photos, since it was probably the last time that everybody was going to be together.

Only 5 full days left… and still a research report, a book review and an exam to do…

The last couple of days I spent mainly studying and working. But on Thursday April 12 I went shopping in the afternoon, first to a Ralph Lauren factory outlet (which was closing down, need I say more), then to Polo Park to get a haircut and finally downtown, to get some more clothing (I do need a raincoat in BC) and souvenirs. After that I went to Sylvain’s apartment, where we talked for quite some time and went to eat in Eaton Place with Philip and Cristine.

On Sunday April 15 I went to have Easter dinner with Karen and her family (including aunt with kids and grandparents). The dinner was really good and a lot of fun, I even got a couple of travel tips for in BC!

I spent the last 5 days in Winnipeg mainly studying for International Marketing, and preparing to leave (laundry, packing etc.).
On thursday April 19, I went to the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, some of the Winnipeg highlights I still had to go and see. It was pretty nice, I could easily spend a few hours just walking around and getting into Manitoba’s history.
On saturday April 21 I wrote my last exam (don’t ask more), and Karen brought me to the airport, from where WestJet toke me out of Winnipeg.



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