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NorwayCabintrip Holvassgamma

On 27 May 2002 from Trondheim, Norway | comments closed

My second cabintrip on 25 and 26 May was with Martijn and Christoph. We drove for 4 hours all along the fjord, really nice, so we only started to hike to the cabin at 17.00. We spent two hours climbing through a riverbed, jumping from rock to rock, really cool, but we only got about 4 kilometres further. Then we climbed onto a hill, and from there it was only downwards to the lake. We had to cross a river with a canoe (part of the equipment of the cabin), but it was completely full of water, so we had to get the water out first. After crossing the river we walked all along the lake, because we did not know where the cabin was, and we could not find it, so we walked back to where we arrived with the canoe and finally found the hut at 23.00. But it was still complete daylight until 24.00, so that was not a problem. We made sausages above the fire and marshmellows afterwards, they taste so good! On Sunday we slept late and hiked back to the car, but a different route that only took 3,5 hours. Then it was still 2 hours by car (with amazing views) and on the ferry back to Trondheim.

NorwayCabintrip Flåkoia

On 20 May 2002 from Trondheim, Norway | comments closed

My first cabintrip on 18 and 19 May was really awesome. I went there with 6 Germans, so I have been practicing my German quite a bit. After parking the cars on a hill, we still had to hike for an hour to get there. The cabin was on the shore of a lake, surrounded by hills and forest. It was so beautiful! So we did a lot of hiking, made a fire to cook, and drank the water from the lake. It was great. Unfortunately I had to leave a day earlier, because I had to finish some things for my work on Tuesday. So I hitch-hiked back to Trondheim, since it bus would only arrive in 45 minutes.

NorwayLofoten trip: Stamsund to Trondheim

On 14 May 2002 from Trondheim, Norway | comments closed

On Sunday 12 May we drove back to Svolvær along the coast, stopping to watch the great views along the way. We also made a stop at another small beach with white sand. The sun was shining, so we put off our shoes and got into the water with our feet to make photos. But the water was COLD! I estimate less than 5 degrees. But the photos should be really cool, it will be hard to believe I took them north of the Arctic Circle in the beginning of May… I took about 36 photos on the entire trip, which is quite a lot for so few days. We returned the car back in Svolvær, and got on the express boat back to Bodø. Again really great coastal scenery. In Bodø we checked into a hostel in the train station, and played another game.

On Monday morning we did some shopping in Bodø, and got on the train back to Trondheim. I slept a little bit, but mainly kept watching the view. Cristal clear lakes, snow topped mountains, waterfalls, cabins, forests, the scenery was really awesome. I always thought Canada was the most beautiful country, but after this trip I am sure that Norway is the most beautiful country, at least when you love the combination of forest on hills next to cristal clear lakes 🙂

NorwayLofoten trip: Å to Stamsund

On 12 May 2002 from Stamsund, Norway | comments closed

On Saturday 11 May we drove to Reine, the most scenic town of Norway, since it is between two fjords raising steeply up into the sky. We wanted to go hiking, but could not discover the trailhead, so instead we drove through a tunnel a couple of times. This one luckily did not leak, but on Friday we drove through a tunnel under the sea that was leaking everywhere. Luckily they were also repairing it, and because of that a truck was blocking one lane, but there were no traffic lights, and upcoming traffic was almost impossible to see in the dark tunnel. Luckily there was no upcoming traffic, so we managed to get through, but it was not worth the 8,50 euro toll with these conditions. The bridges also deserve some attention. Most bridges have only space for one car, and it is impossible to see other cars driving up the bridge from the other side (no traffic lights of course), because the slopes are so steep, so in the middle there is space to pass upcoming traffic that you can only see when you are in the middle. Pretty cool. The driving was actually one of the best parts of the trip, the roads are well maintained and the views are really awesome. In the afternoon we had lunch at a small lake and spent some more time on the white sandy beach at Ramberg. In the evening we checked into a rorbu in Stamsund. We tried to find a bar in the evening, but could not find one. However, we were walking around town at 0.30 and it was still dusk, so weird.