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VariousUkraine 2: L’viv

On 19 April 2006 from L’viv, Ukraine , trackback

The initial plan of my 1-week trip to Ukraine consisted of Kiev with a daytrip to Chernobyl, and L’viv with a daytrip into the mountains. The first was too popular during the time I was there, the second too unpopular. It was basically too early in the season to go into the mountains, as everything would be too muddy. So I had over 2,5 days to spend in L’viv, which left me enough time to wander aimlessly around the city, and enjoy the nice weather from a park bench. L’viv is a much smaller city than Kiev, but it is loved by Ukrainians for its charm. The comparison with Krakow is pushing it though.

Having enough time to spend, I visited pretty much all interesting places: Rynok Square, Castle Hill, Lychakivsky Cemetery, Museum of Folk Architecture & Life, and of course the obligatory church and cathedral. In terms of nightlife, L’viv is definitely not the place to go (unlike Kiev). It does make for some nice daytime exploring for a day and a half. And having a 30 USD/night room in the beautiful George Hotel in the middle of the city is a luxury not enjoyed for that price in Kiev.



1. f - 7 November 2008

lviv is fucking horrrible. i planned a week here and it’s not worth putting up with the rude, ignorant attitude, the lazy or hostile customer service, the overpriced or shitty hotels, and the complete lack of English (or any other western language) among even most young people. STAY AWAY FROM THE RESTAURANT AT HOTEL WIEN.

2. f - 7 November 2008

they also seem to have a problem grasping the concept of LIGHT. at the internet cafe i’m in right now — the nicest by far of the 3 i’ve tried — it’s so dark that you get a headache straining to see the keyboard