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On 11 December 2007 from Buenos Aires, Argentina , trackback

The perfect way to avoid the cold, rainy and short winter days of the Netherlands, is to fly to the summer. It only takes 14 hours of flight time (2 hours for AMS-MAD & 12 hours for MAD-EZE) to be in Buenos Aires. But if the captain would have turned back halfway, and flewn back to Madrid, I may not have noticed the difference. Buenos Aires looks a lot like Madrid: huge European-style buildings, everything in Spanish, activity at all times of the day, and there is even a C&A here. The main differences so far are the word Argentina on all license plates, and the fact that the metro doors and windows can be opened at all times, even when it is running.

The first day in Buenos Aires I spent sightseeing the city. It seemed they prepared the place especially for me: lots of rain before I arrived, so the streets were all clean when I got here, and sunny weather with maximum temperatures of 26 to 30 degrees ever since. They also already named a street after me: Guido is obviously a long street with nice houses in the better part of the city (Recoleta). I am not attaching special meaning to the fact that it ends at a cemetery, but it must be said that it is the poshest and most known cemetery of the city.

I decided to make a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay tomorrow, since it is only 1 hour by fast boat from Buenos Aires. And otherwise I will never get my passport full with stamps before expiry.



1. Leties - 11 December 2007

Sounds a good trip so far! Oooooh I envy you so much.
And yes.. you sound cocky when you mention about the Guido street… 🙂
Gros bisous and have plenty of fun.

2. Arno - 12 December 2007

Hi Guido,

Sounds great. The weather alone would be a good reason to go there. I hope Uruguay will be nice as well. What can you see over there? And how’s your Spanish. Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!


3. Guido - 17 December 2007

There is lots to see in Uruguay, but I only visited Colonia del Sacramento. Wikipedia is your friend.

My Spanish is very basic, therefore I am trying to surround myself with people that speak better Spanish 😉 In most tourist places almost everybody speaks English as well though.