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PatagoniaHorse & Hike Weekend

On 17 December 2007 from Ushuaia, Argentina , trackback

This weekend I enjoyed the unusually good weather in Ushuaia. On Saturday morning Thomas, Nora, Rahel and I went horseback riding for 2 hours. It was great way to explore the beautiful scenery. The horseback riding was pretty easy as well, although I got the horse with quite a strong character, who clearly could not be bothered too much with my instructions. Luckily he was also very careful and gentle, getting me dry through a 1 meter deep river at the end. If only sitting down afterwards could feel better…

Saturday afternoon Willem, Nora and I walked around the harbour a little bit, before I spent hours waiting at travel agencies to try to book a bus that I could not book from Ushuaia. That means I am still planning the rest of my trip. Discussions with fellow travellers here are helping a lot because most have already been north. It is therefore much easier to make a realistic schedule over here.

On Sunday Rahel and I went to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, and we got dropped off at literally the end of the road. From there one can travel 17.848 km by road to Alaska (still high on my destination list as well). It was also the starting point of a nice 5-hour hike through forests and along bays and lakes, with always snow-capped mountains in the distance.



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