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NorwayNorway in a Nutshell: Trondheim to Stavanger

On 1 July 2002 from Stavanger, Norway , trackback

I woke up in my room at Moholt Studentby 30 June at 8.30, packed my large backpack, checked my e-mail for the last time, finished the milk, jam and bread, and double-checkied if I had not forgotten anything. Then Christoph drove my to the airport, from where my first flight took me to Olso. There I left half of my luggage in storage, and got in a long queue with lots of summer holiday tourists, including an American woman that was complaining about everything. In Stavanger the flybussen dropped me off in a suburb near the hostel. The hostel was beautifully situated near a small lake. In the hallway I ran into a drunken Fin, who wanted to tell me all of his life’s stories. No time for that, I had to take a bus to the city centre. There I visited the pretty small domchurch, walked through the harbour, where people were celebrating that Brazil won the World Cup, and strolled through Old Stavanger. In two hours I had seen pretty much everything of Stavanger, so I got some dinner and went to see “40 Days and 40 Nights” in the cinema. Afterwards it was a nice walk back to the hostel, especially because I took the longest route around the lake. Back in the room, I chatted with Aachim from Germany, before going to sleep.



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