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NorwayNorway in a Nutshell: Preikestolen to Bergen

On 3 July 2002 from Bergen, Norway , trackback

2 July was a rainy day, for the first time during my travels in Norway. Nevertheless I decided to make the hike to Moslifjellet after a big breakfast at the hostel. The trail was quite easy to follow, mainly going over rocks. Unfortunately the rain only got worse, so my pants were completely soaked after half an hour. After 1,5 hours I reached the top, but the view was a bit spoiled by all the clouds, and it was really wet and cold up there. The trail back from the top was more like a stream than a path, and I was really glad I bought some decent German hiking boots before I came to Norway. After hiking with some really nice views, not seeing a single soul, and getting completely soaked, I arrived back at the hostel. There I took a hot shower and got some hot chocolate afterwards. Both were so much more rewarding after the wet hike. When my clothes and backpack had dried a bit, I went back to Stavanger by bus and ferry, and I continued to Bergen by express catamaran. Before going to sleep I got a few beers at a student bar (only 4,50 euro!) with a Slovakian and an Australian guy from the hostel.



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