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NorwayNorway in a Nutshell: Bergen to Flåm

On 5 July 2002 from Flåm, Norway , trackback

After hiking for three days in a row, I decided 4 July was going to be more relaxing. It was a wonderful sunny day in Bergen, so I got some bread at a bakery and had breakfast on the pier. Since I did not feel like visiting a museum with the sunny weather outside, I walked to the aquarium, and sat in the park for a while, just watching the fjord. I also briefly checked my e-mail, before getting on the train to Myrdal. I had planned to go down to Flåm in a quiet train. Unfortunately some huge cruise ship docked in Flåm, so the Flåmsbana was crowded with Spanish and Italian tourists. Mission: not accomplished. Luckily the view from the Flåmsbana was still amazing, and the train stopped at the large waterfall to have a closer look. In Flåm I checked in at the hostel and looked at the departing cruise ship. Other than that, Flåm was a really quiet village, and I planned to go to sleep early. However I ended up chatting with my roommates from England, Germany and the Netherlands for quite some time.



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