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NepalHonk Honk to Pokhara

On 6 October 2005 from Pokhara, Nepal , trackback

The first day in Kathmandu was spent checking out Durban Square and the monkey temple. At Durban square they fitted a bunch of hindoe and buddhist temples together. The monkey temple was aptly named because monkeys abound at the place, and climb the roofs. In the evening we had dinner with the entire group (8 including tour guide), before calling it a day after two nights in airplanes.

Today we did the 200 km busride to Pokhara in a fast 7 hours. Needless to say, the roads here are not that good, and people drive like crazy (except for our bus driver). It was a very scenic ride though, through the mountains and along the river. Pokhara is nicely located at a lake, and the view is supposed to be great, but the clouds were ruining it today. We did get some rays of sun though, and it gets quite warm when we do.

Tomorrow we’re starting the Annapurna Sanctuary trek, so the next post will be when we’re back in Pokhara.



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