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NepalGulf Air & Abu Dhabi

On 4 October 2005 from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates , trackback

Somehow Murphy’s Law always applies when I need to get a flight. In this case, first the car wouldn’t start, and when it finally did we got cought in an unexpected traffic jam (German national holiday apparently). Anyway, after illegally crossing some train tracks and catching a train just-in-time, I managed to get to Schiphol airport even half an hour before the tour guide. Worried for nothing, I guess.

At Schiphol I met all but one of the others. 2 couples, another single guy, and the tour guide; all between 31 and 39, so I’m definitely the youngest. Check-in at Schiphol was fine, as was the bmi flight to London. When we boarded the Gulf Air flight to Abu Dhabi 4 people from our party of 7 got upgraded to business class. Unfortunately not me, although I suspect it was because I had my frequent flyer number registered with all passengers.

Once in Abu Dhabi we tried to get our boarding cards for Kathmandu, but were informed that the flight was full, and we got bumped to the next flight at 01.30 tonight. Therefore we won’t arrive in Kathmandu before Wednesday morning. So we went through customs (another page filled in my new passport), and the airline brought us to a hotel in Abu Dhabi, where we’ll get lunch and dinner (too late for breakfast).

After my half-an-hour of free internet here in the hotel, some resting, refreshing, and lunch, I might check out the city a bit, although it’s really hot here, and I’m not really dressed for this weather. So far my impression of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) is really positive. New 4-lane highways, shiny high-rise buildings, expensive cars, and a lot of construction going on. There’s definitely a lot of money being made in this region, especially with today’s high oil prices.



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