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IndochinaBack to the Land of the Smiles

On 12 October 2008 from Reuver, Netherlands , trackback

Ever since my last trip to Thailand in 2003 I have been wanting to go back there. Inspiring temples, gorgeous islands, breathtaking beaches, smiling people and coconut milkshakes with banana pancakes for breakfast, is there more to wish for? Mountains, I guess. But I hear those seem to be present in the North. And as it happens, every traveller I met in Thailand recommended me to visit Chiang Mai in the North, so that is my first must-see. The second must-see is Richelieu Rock, Thailand’s only top 10 dive site. Ko Tapu (aka James Bond Island) is the third must-see in the land of the smiles.

But Thailand is only one of the Indochina countries on this trip. Cambodia is next, where Angkor is my must-see. The temples here almost made it to the list of New 7 Wonders of the World. Vietnam follows, where the Củ Chi tunnels are the must-see. The last country on this trip will be the enigmatic and relatively undeveloped Laos, as I have heard only good tales from other travellers. Luang Prabang is the must-see here.

Since you probably lost track of my must-sees by now, I put them in the Google Map below 😛

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And for those of you who want to know more in detail where I am going when, my
Travel Planning @ Google Docs provides all the answers. Just know this is a continuously changing draft.



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