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Down UnderWhitsunday Islands

On 27 September 2004 from Airlie Beach, QLD , trackback

Late Saturday afternoon Rachel and I got on the Romance, to sail and dive around the Whitsunday Islands. There were 20 people on the boat in total, with more girls than guys, so it already started off good. Our first destination was Whitehaven Beach, where we anchored for the night. It was also the only place we sort of sailed to (we had some sails up, but the engine was running too), and we did not even sail the next days, since there was virtually no wind. But that was okay with me, and I guess you get what you pay for, which was only A$299 (= 175 euro) for 2-days 2-nights Whitsundays, 3-days 2-nights Fraser Island self-drive safari & 2 nights accommodation in Rainbow Beach.

Saturday evening we shortly went over to Whitehaven Beach by dinghy, before drinking and socialising on the boat. Sunday morning we were woken fairly early though, and were sitting on the beach by 8 AM. We spent the rest of the morning relaxing on the beach, before going to Lunchin Bay. There I did a dive, and snorkelled for a bit afterwards, trying to find my disposable underwater camera. I lost it when we got pulled back to the boat behind the dinghy (very cool!). Again the evening was about drinking and socialising (good thing they sell 2l and 4l casks of wine in Australia).

Monday morning I did some snorkelling and spent the rest of the day sunbathing and reading on the boat. It feels like I am on holiday now, instead of really travelling around Australia. You do know the difference between a tourist and a traveller, right? A tourist knows exactly where he is going, but does not know where he has been. A traveller knows exactly where he has been, but has no clue where he is going.



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