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Down UnderTasmania

On 20 December 2003 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

I spent the last six days in Sydney getting organised, sightseeing, job hunting, relaxing, and figuring out what to do and where to go in Australia. Chances of finding a nice job in Sydney during the next weeks are pretty slim, because of Christmas and New Year’s holidays and the summer vacation here. Since I did not come to Australia to enjoy the cities (I might just as well have stayed home), I figured I needed to get out of Sydney. I can always work later in the year, and I have saved some money to travel, so why not do it right now?

So I decided to go to Tasmania, the island that is also a province, twice the size of the Netherlands, but less than 500.000 inhabitants. The main reasons to go there are the fact that flying is not much more expensive than taking the ferry, and the weather is best now. Since it is the Southernmost part of Australia, it might be fairly cold when I choose to go there after travelling to New Zealand. Today I booked my flight, but because it is ultra high season here, I am flying on 25 December, the first available option. I guess I am making a tradition of spending Christmas at airports. On the other hand, my family is 16.645 km away, so it will not be a family Christmas after all. And what is the point of celebrating Christmas without family anyway?

But before heading off to try to spot a Tasmanian Devil, I am going for a 2-3 day trip to the Blue Mountains on Monday. Time for the real Australia, even though Sydney is quite okay for a city with 4 million inhabitants.



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