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Down UnderTales from a Small Island

On 1 January 2004 from Hobart, TAS , trackback

Although Tasmania is about the size of the Benelux, it is amazing how often I have run into the same people here. Some examples: I met the French girl I sat next to in the plane in the hostel in Coles Bay and again in the hostel in Triabunna. In Hobart I met the Israeli girl that I met the first day hiking in Freycinet NP. I also met a Swiss girl part of the tour group I met on the second day hiking in Freycinet NP. And on New Year’s Eve I met the German couple I drove to Coles Bay with. It is a small island after all.

On 31 December I did not want to do anything too exhausting, so I went to Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory to learn how chocolate is made, to taste some and to buy it at factory prices. I got almost 2 kg for 6 euro. So I have been living on mostly chocolate for the last few days 😉

On New Year’s Eve I went out with Sharon (Israeli), Jennie (English), Jacqueline (Swiss), Jack (Dutch), Silke (Dutch) and Mette (Dutch). We had drinks in the park, went to a few pubs and watched the fireworks at the waterfront. For the first time I have been celebrating New Year in a T-shirt, although it got a bit chilly at night. But I had a great time and only went to sleep after 5 AM.

New Year’s Day I spent quite relaxed, getting some Vietnamese food at The Taste down at the waterfront, and watching ‘Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King’ in the cinema. In the evening I played cards with Sharon and Jennie.



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