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Down UnderStaircase to the Moon

On 2 August 2004 from Broome, WA , trackback

I am not talking about the Led Zeppelin song, but about the effect caused by the rising of the full moon reflected off the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. This is a major tourist attraction here, complete with crowds and a market. This happened at 18.18 last night, and I watched it with the usual crowd of people (Sally, Claire, Phil etc.). Before the Staircase to the Moon we did not really do anything though, and spent another lazy day at the campsite. In the evening I went to the Kimberley Klub for a really fun game of Spoons, an easy cardgame with a bit of a spoon battle.

Today was the last day in Broome, and subsequently Claire and I did some laundry, before going to Cable Beach for the last time. I also had my car fixed, and it turned out the clutch did not need to be replaced, but just readjusted. So that was only a 45 euro repair.

Time to go now and check out the Staircase to the Moon again, it is supposed to be better today, since the moon is only rising at 19.18, so it will be completely dark by that time. Tomorrow Sally, Claire and I are going into the Kimberley, and from there to Darwin. That will most likely be the next place to update my website, in about 10 days or so.



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