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Down UnderSS Yongala Wreck Dive

On 25 September 2004 from Airlie Beach, QLD , trackback

Thursday morning I went for a nice walk to some WWII fortifications on Magnetic Island, before we (Rachel, Jeremiah and I) took the ferry back to Townsville. There I got a new pair of swimming shorts (another thing I seem to have lost along the way), and we drove on to Ayr.

Friday we got up early and drove to Alva Beach, where the base of Yongala Dive is. After fitting on all the diving gear and the briefing, we got a short 4WD ride to the beach, where we jumped into the dive boat and speeded towards the shipwreck of the SS Yongala. The SS Yongala was a coastal steamer that sank in a cyclone in 1911. It is the largest and most intact historic shipwreck in Australian waters and listed as the best dive site in the world. We (a group of only 7 divers) did two dives there, and I must admit they were the best dives I have done so far (also the most expensive, being A$190 = 110 euro for both dives). The shipwreck is completely covered in coral (basically an artificial reef) with lots of fish around. I swam alongside a large turtle and saw a bull shark! After the dives we enjoyed a nice BBQ, before we drove back to Ayr.

On Saturday we drove to Airlie Beach, where we dropped off Jeremiah at a hostel, and Rachel and I checked in for a sailing trip on the Whitsunday Islands.



1. Sami el Haddad - 26 September 2004

Uhmm…, what to say? Guido you are the real Travelling Dutchman. A travel’s demon!
My best congratulations for your graduation last year and for your style of life (travels are life).
Next week I’ll be in North Brabant with my firm,…but it will be hard to meet you.

All the best