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Down UnderSouth-West WA Road Trip

On 14 April 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

On Sunday Rebecca, Johanna, Steve and I left for a 3,5-day road trip to see the South-West of Western Australia (which is also the South-West of Australia). We started off by driving 350 km East to Wave Rock, a rock formation that looks like a giant frozen wave. From there we drove South towards the coast through the Stirling Ranges NP and Porongurup NP. After driving 700 km the first day we found a campsite in Mt Barker, where we spent the evening eating, playing cards (mainly ‘shithead’, the international backpackers card game) and drinking (mainly beer, the international students/backpackers drink).

On Monday we drove to Albany, and checked out The Gap and the Natural Bridge, two natural coastal phenomena. Next stop was Denmark (the town, not the country), where we did some shopping before heading to the beach. After swimming and lazing in the sun, we drove on to the Tree Top Walk, a boardwalk among the tops of the giant karri trees up to 40 metres high. We spent the evening and night at a campsite near Walpole, where we ate, played and drank.

Tuesday morning we drove to the Gloucester Tree, a former fire lookout tree, 61 metre high and looking out over the forest. But that is at the top, and to get there we basically had to climb all around the tree on pegs sticking out. Not for people with fear of heights (like Johanna). After enjoying the view from the top it was a beautiful drive through the karri forests to Cape Leeuwin (I am sure it is named by the Dutch, but do not ask me the story). Cape Leeuwin is the most Southwest point of Australia, and the border of the Southern and Indian Ocean. From there we drove back North to Margaret River, where we walked around town and got some ice-cream (Rebecca, Johanna and I managed to finish 2 litres). We camped overnight in Bunbury.

The plan was to see some dolphins at the beach in Bunbury in the morning, but they did not show up, so we drove back to Perth to drop off our rental car before noon. Altogether we saw most of the South-West of Australia, but had to drive 1650 km in 3,5 days. Road trip for sure.



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