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Down UnderSold my Car

On 23 October 2004 from Sydney, NSW , trackback

On Wednesday I met a German guy in the city who was interested in buying my car, so he had a look at it with his girlfriend on Thursday. He liked the car, but wanted a mechanic to have a look at it first. Since there was no mechanic available on Friday, the pre-purchase inspection was carried out today. The mechanic spent almost 3 hours checking my car inside, outside, and test driving it. He managed to produce a large list of necessary repairs (totalling over A$950), so I had to make a little bit extra effort to sell the car. After I threw in 6 months of registration (A$245), I finally managed to sell it for A$3200.

In total it cost me roughly A$2250 (in car expenses and fuel) to drive almost 17.500 km through Australia. That is A$0,13 (8 eurocents) per kilometre. Not bad at all.

Besides waiting to sell my car, I helped the hostel programming a new website, a fairly good pastime considering the fact that it has been raining in Sydney every day for the last week, with the exception of today.



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