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Down UnderSkydive!

On 4 March 2004 from Queenstown, New Zealand , trackback

Yesterday I spent all day in a bus from Christchurch to Queenstown. The bus took a different route than we had been driving before, passing Mt Cook and beautiful Lake Tekapo, where we had a lunch stop. On a sunny day New Zealand scenery is absolutely breathtaking: light blue volcanic lakes with the backdrop of snow capped mountains. In the evening I met up with Sharon (the Israeli girl I met before in Tasmania) to catch up on what we had been doing in NZ.

This morning I jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane. It was a Tandem Skydive with NZONE for about 160 euro. Since Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world, I figured I might as well go for the ultimate jump (conveniently forgetting the fact that skydiving is actually less scary than bungi jumping). I paid for the 12.000 feet jump, but I got a jump from 14.000 feet (more than 4.500 m) altitude. This was because there were 8 ‘funjumpers’ on the flight (filling up the small plane), who wanted to go higher. No complaints from me or my Bulgarian jumpmaster (this guy was already skydiving for the Bulgarian army 20 years ago). The first few seconds after jumping out of the plane were unreal, and I completely lost my orientation (mainly because I was facing all directions in the first second). Then I got almost a minute of freefall, falling towards the ground at terminal velocity (200 km/h), before Krasimir opened the parachute. At that time it was just enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery around Queenstown, on a rare fine day without a cloud in the sky. After I made some photos, we made some sharp turns, rushing towards the ground, before we parachuted into the drop zone. We made a smooth landing and I was back on the ground, safe and sound. I would do it again anytime, if it were not for the money.



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