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Down UnderSales Training

On 31 March 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

On Monday I spent the day walking around town to find a different hostel to stay, mainly because I did not like the place I was staying at very much (the dorms were too big and there were too many people from England). I figured that if I want to spend some time in Perth, I might as well spend it at a place I like. So I found a place with a better atmosphere (albeit slightly alternative), where I am currently only paying A$90 (56 euro) a week for a bed in a triple room. That is really cheap for an Australian big city hostel.

After finding a new hostel, I looked around town for jobs advertised, and decided to check out one that promised A$600-1200 earning, with travel and accommodation paid for. In the following interview I was basically talked into a sales job, selling home phone and internet door to door. Oh well, it is not like I have anything better to to this week, and I can still look for other jobs in the morning. Besides – and this was my main motivation to go to the training – a bit of sales experience will always be a good thing to have, and – if nothing else – it should make me more confident. And a bit of personal development was one of the main reasons to go to Australia anyway (otherwise I could just have travelled around South-East Asia for a year without having to work).

So I did this sales training yesterday and today, learning a lot about the product first and some sales techniques later on. I will basically be selling a cheaper home phone service (kinda like “Tele2” in the Netherlands) and/or dial-up or DSL internet. The course had 7 participants (including 2 Dutch girls) yesterday, and today only 3 were left (the Dutch girls dropped out). And it was quite some fun today, mainly because of the male-only environment (some things are just not said when girls are present). Tomorrow will be observation first, before I can bother people by knocking on their door myself.



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