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Down UnderSailing to Rottnest

On 9 April 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

Wednesday evening we once again went out to the regular bars in Northbridge (Perth’s bar area). The best thing about these evenings is the fact that the hostel I am staying at has a pretty good bar tab, so we get quite a few free beers before we have to start paying for beer. That did not even happen last Wednesday, because I went home relatively early. The reason for that was the sailing trip I went on on Thursday.

Together with Rebecca, Johanna (both from Germany), Marije (Dutch), Emma (Welsh), Steve (English) and Cormac (Irish), I went on a sailing trip to Carnac and Rottnest Island on Thursday. When we finally found the sailing yacht (a bit too late, but we made up 70% of the passengers anyway), we set sail for Carnac Island. There we saw some very lazy sea lions and went snorkelling at the reef (I also tried to swim with the sea lions, but they could not be bothered and did not show up). From there we sailed to Rottnest Island (named Rat’s Nest Island by the Dutch after all the quokas, kangaroos that look like big rats). Unfortunately I got fairly seasick on the way over there, so the sailing was not that pleasant. Everything was okay on the island though, where we went for a short walk to one of the postcard beaches. Rebecca and I also climbed a little hill for a better view, before joining the others back to the boat past the postcard lighthouse. Back on the sailing yacht we relaxed during the 2-hour trip back to Fremantle (Perth’s port). All in all a very nice day, albeit slightly too cloudy (I think I still managed to get sunburned though).

After midnight on Thursday (or actually Friday) we celebrated Judith’s birthday in the hostel, a good reason not to wake up before noon today. Because of Good Friday everything was closed anyway, so Judith, Esther (both from Germany), Shelley (from Canada) and I went to Fremantle, lazed on the beach and had some coffee and dinner in town. I also had two Tasmanian flashbacks: I met Jack (whom I spent New Year’s with) and I saw the same street artists as in Hobart. It is a small world after all.



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