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Down UnderRelaxing & Fixing

On 1 August 2004 from Broome, WA , trackback

Wednesday evening Sally and I went to the Jam Night at Divers Tavern, where we were joined by Arno, Phil and Christine. It was Arno’s last night in Broome, because he left to Darwin on Thursday, so we had quite a few farewell beers.

Thursday and Friday were some very lazy days: after sleeping in we went to Cable Beach in the afternoon, and just relaxed at the campsite the rest of the day. Friday evening I met up with Phil at the Kimberley Klub, more a budget resort than a hostel, where we chilled a bit.

Friday was a bit of a bad day though. I was having some problems getting my car into reverse gear, so I went to a car repair place and they told me I had a problem with the clutch. However, he could not look at it till Monday, so I went to another place, where two mechanics did a testdrive and took a look at it, and it turned out the clutch is on its last legs. They ordered a new one from Perth, and hopefully it will arrive on Monday to be built in the same day. The estimated cost for it is A$750 (mainly labour), so that really sucks, but I have no choice than to get it fixed here. A broken clutch in the Kimberley is a lot worse.

Saturday was probably the laziest day of all, we only got out of the campsite to get some food at the supermarket, and spent all day reading. So I almost finished ‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’. Now I have to find ‘The Return of the King’ somewhere cheap, to finish reading the entire trilogy. Saturday evening we first went to The Last Resort, to drink more wine and have some fresh fish, before clubbing at the Oasis.



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