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Down UnderPlanning Work & Travel

On 18 January 2004 from Melbourne, VIC , trackback

I have been staying in Melbourne for a week now, enough to see all the main tourist sights. On Thursday I visited Cook’s Cottage (a little building they completely moved from England to Melbourne), the Immigration Museum, and Jacqueline and I went to the Crown Entertainment Complex. On Friday I visited the Melbourne Zoo, basically to have at least some photos of animals in case I do not see them in the wild. In the evening it got pretty crowded because of a summer concert; hundreds of Australians were picknicking on the grass. On Saturday I went back to the Melbourne Museum, because I had not seen the aborigine exhibit yet and a free newspaper is included in the entry (free for students). I also mailed some books home and got a new hat at the Queen Victoria Market. In the late afternoon I went for some more shopping with Jacqueline.

This week I have also been e-mailing and visiting employment agencies, and checking out the classifieds in the newspaper. The problem with most somewhat professional work is the fact that I will only be staying in Melbourne for a few weeks. It almost seems telemarketing is the only thing to do. Also most hostels have raised their prices because of the Australian Open that is starting here in Melbourne next week. I am more and more thinking of spending some time on the countryside (it is fruitpicking season after all).

Another thing about travelling for a few months or more is the fact that travel planning seems to take up a lot of time. When I travelled in Canada and Europe for a short time I had my itinerary completely planned, and I did not spend any time planning during the trip. But with this trip I want to keep things flexible, so I can stay longer in places I like and move on when I do not like a place. This has the downturn that I spend much more time figuring out where to go next and how to go there. Every advantage has its disadvantage (to quote an famous Dutch soccer coach).

For tomorrow I booked a 3-day tour (90 euro) to the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians NP. The weather forecast is sunny and over 30 degrees (it is 20 degrees today), so I reckon Australia is definitely a better place to be right now than cold and rainy Europe.



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