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Down UnderPhotos of Western Australia

On 17 June 2004 from Mandurah, WA , trackback

Word reached me that folks back home were actually looking at my website and wondering why I have not updated it recently. Well, I have not been travelling much lately, so there was basically not much to tell. I have been setting up some websites here, and surveying the road up north in Port Hedland. At least it was warm there, since here in Mandurah it is becoming winter, meaning temperatures of slightly less than 20 degrees during the day. People actually move up north for the summer because they think that this is cold.

Well, I have some more stuff to do the next couple of weeks, but I plan to hit the road in the beginning of July. The idea is to find someone to travel with in Perth and then travel north: Pinnacles, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth, Karijini NP, Broome and through the Kimberley to Darwin. I hope to take Gibb River Road through the Kimberley, but that is almost 700km of unsealed road, so I might have to get some extra stuff for my car. I learned a bit of 4WDing the hard way by getting bogged on the beach in Mandurah (a LandCruiser had to pull me out), so I know I need stuff like a compressor to inflate/deflate the tyres and some more survival gear.

I also put the most interesting photos of Western Australia on my website. The number is fairly low, but that is because I have not really been travelling much yet in this huge state. I have upgraded my photo gallery software as well, adding the feature to view my images full screen, straight from your browser.



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