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Down UnderPADI Open Water Diver

On 20 July 2004 from Exmouth, WA , trackback

Today I finished the last three dives of my PADI Open Water Diver course. We drove out to the Tantabiddi boat ramp and launched the boat from there. The first dive was good, we spent most of the time practicing skills, and went for a swim over the coral afterwards. But then the wind picked up and it took us some time to find another good diving spot. We found a spot that was deep enough, but unfortunately there was no coral there, so our second and third dives were mainly about practicing necessary diving skills. Because the waves were pretty high and the boat was rocking quite a bit, I got fairly seasick as well, not fun at all. But we did finish the course, and I have practiced in windy conditions, giving me a better preparation for other dives.

The next dives I do will probably be at the Great Barrier Reef. I could have done some more ves here (even a free Navy Pier dive), but it is still pretty windy, and the two British girls I am travelling to Broome with wanted to leave as soon as possible. Therefore the plan is to drive to Tom Price tomorrow. The next website update will probably be from Broome, in another week or so, since there is no or only very expensive internet in between here and Broome. And I just got used to free internet at Coral Coast Dive (where I did the dive course)… If I would have had to pay for internet usage the last week, it would be at least 50 euro.



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