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Down UnderNo More Sales

On 3 April 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

The sales job I started turned out to be a total waste of time. The only positives were that I got a bit of sales training, saw some of Perth’s suburbia, and got a bit more confident in bothering total strangers. But in those five days (half of it training) I spent more money than I made (embarrasingly little). Basically people could not be bothered to sign up straight away, or just could not save any money anyway. If the latter was the case, I would not try very hard to sell the product. I am definitely more of a consultant personality than a sales personality. After the first day in the field I already figured out I was not going to make the money I wanted to make, since it was all commission based, and on top of it the hours were quite long. But aside from that, even the ones with some weeks experience were not making A$600/week they promised in the ad. But I decided to give it a decent go for a few days, and every day a few more people were quitting the job. Yesterday I already decided today would be my last day, and I only decided to work because employment agencies and the like are closed on Saturday anyway, and I would get more for a sale on a Saturday.

Other than wasting a lot of time on a useless job, I met quite a few people in the hostel I am staying at, and at least the evenings were pretty social, with a lot of free beer on Wednesday evening in the Mustang and Black Betty’s (two bars in Northbridge). Luckily my hangover was not too bad on Thursday.

I also have some more interesting stuff about Perth that I have not written about so far.
– Perth is the most isolated city of its size, and with Sydney more than 4000 km away, it is actually closer to Singapore than to Sydney.
– Western Australia (the state that Perth is the capital of) is larger than Western Europe, yet has less than 2 million inhabitants.
– Last month (March) it did not rain at all, which has not happened since 31 years. The weather has been great so far, dry and sunny every day (more than 30 degrees today).
– The city is huge: from the centre the suburbs spread out for some 75 km. I worked in the north of the city for the last few days, half an hour on the freeway from the centre, driving through the suburban sprawl. The area itself was quite nice really: all these large bungalows (pretty cheap apparently, about A$250.000 = 155.000 euro), with large garages (most families have at least two cars here as there is no other way to get around anyway), and neat roads, lawns and gardens. It was almost unreal how every small detail was taken care of.



1. Jasper - 6 April 2004

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