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Down UnderMy CATs are Dead

On 7 April 2004 from Perth, WA , trackback

The last couple of days I have been relaxing quite a bit, and socialising in the hostel. Sunday I did nothing else than sleeping in and reading. Monday I started a small jobsearch, and went out at night with lots of people from the hostel. On Tuesday I continued my jobsearch, and went with Judith (from Germany) and Shelley (from Canada) to the Swan Bell Tower and Kings Park, where we relaxed in the sun. Sunday and Monday were fairly cloudy, but since yesterday the sun is back and it is around 30 degrees during the day 🙂

Today I went shopping for a new book and sandals. Because my cool, beloved CAT sandals have unfortunately passed away. Somehow I get emotionally attached to some clothing items, and definitely to these sandals, whom I fell in love with the moment I saw them in Calgary. Since then they have been my travel companion on all trips where the temperature rose above 25 degrees. I guess they have been to more places than 99% of the world population: made in China (what is not these days), bought in Canada, and worn in the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and probably a few more European countries. But those days have gone by, and I did get a new pair of sandals today (56 euro, and once again made in China). I will post some photos soon.



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