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Down UnderLost & Not Found

On 17 June 2004 from Mandurah, WA , trackback

I have not posted any news on my site for the last month, and today I am posting twice, but that is because I went on a bit of a shopping spree today that I wanted to tell you about. The thing is this: after almost 7 months away from home I have a small list of items that I have lost somewhere along the way, most fairly minor, but one pretty major.

List of things I have lost during my trip:
– Maglite Solitaire (small flashlight);
– 2 (!) hats;
– One pair of jocks (Ozzie slang for underwear);
– Portable MP3 CD-player (got lost in the mail between Australia and the Netherlands).

Obviously, the last thing was the major item and I am wondering now why I sent it back to repair by regular mail. I know why, it was broken and I figured it would be no good to anyone in that state; also all my other packages arrived without problems. Not much to do about that now though, and I really need some music when I am on the road (and there is a lot of road out here, trust me, I have surveyed some of it). So today I bought a new portable MP3 CD-player (AIWA, one of the cheapest, but still 100 euro), and got it installed in my car. I also got some new zip-off pants. Last week I already bought a new sweater, because getting back from 30+ degree Port Hedland 20 degree Mandurah felt cold.



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